Phase 1: Minting We mint our AMAC NFT collection and raise the necessary capital for accomplishing our objectives: helping our holders to achieve their financial independence, helping them with personal growth and personal education. We deliver a variety of Web3 vacancies for the AMAC NFT holders. The vacancies are regularly listed in our holder-only channels by our partner company Rethinkable. We also give our holders access to special Discord channels with the most important NFT and crypto-related news.

Phase 2: 4 months after minting We launch the $AMAP utility token and implement the staking mechanism which will allow our holders to stake their AMAC NFTs in the Alpha Vault and get regular rewards in $AMAP. We create and add a Discord bot to monitor the price of $AMAP in real time. We add rarity tools to our website so that anyone could check how rare their AMAC NFTs are.

Phase 3: 6 months after minting We create blockchain gambling dApps to let our holders earn profits by interacting with these dApps. We also implement the referral system for these dApps so that the AMAC NFT holders could increase their earnings by attracting more people to play. The "house fee" in these dApps will be distrubuted back to the AMAC holders in proportion with the quantity of AMAC NFTs that each holder has.

Phase 4: 9 months after minting We release the collection of attractive female apes. The early supporters of the AMAC NFT project, our OG members and those members who have staked their AMAC NFTs are eligible to claim their attractive female ape NFT for free. All the other AMAC holders will have primary access to this collection.

Phase 5: 10 months after minting We make AMAC a fashion brand and open the Alpha Merch store. Our members are able to buy Limited Edition t-shirts, hoodies and other AMAC merchandise by spending their $AMAP tokens.

Phase 6: 12 months after minting We create the Alpha children collection layers to prepare for the launch of the breeding mechanism. We develop and implement the breeding mechanism so that our members who hold both male and female ape NFTs could mint Alpha children depending on the rarity index of their original NFTs.

Phase 7: 15 months after minting We host different types of IRL events for our holders (parties, trivia quizzes, contests, scavenger hunts etc.). The hosting sites for such events will be determined as a result of holders' voting.

Phase 8: 18 months after minting We partner with one of the Metaverse platforms and create a virtual world where our NFTs can be displayed and interacted with. We develop and implement the play-to-earn ecosystem which will allow our holders to earn $AMAP tokens by participating in fun gaming activities. The earned $AMAP tokens will allow our members to buy the AMAC merchandise in the Alpha Merch store, to buy tickets to our parties and other IRL events as well as to our various masterclasses.

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