Alpha Male Ape Club is an NFT project focused on personal growth and financial independence. We have launched the AMAC NFT collection to build a successful community for our AMAC NFT holders as well as for the holders of our future $AMAP (Alpha Male Ape Power) utility token and future NFT collections. The mission of our project is: - educating our community members in different areas (cryptocurrencies, NFT, security and privacy, self-development, dating and relationship); - helping our holders to achieve prosperity in their long-term investment returns; - increasing the value of AMAC NFTs and the $AMAP token; - growing our community and attracting more like-minded members into it. We're working on building a dynamic ecosystem around our $AMAP utility token. Our aim is to increase the value of $AMAP by distributing the profits generated from our investments and to ensure a reliable source of revenue for our NFT holders. The holders of AMAC NFTs will be able to get free $AMAP from by staking their NFTs in the Alpha Vault. They will be able to spend their $AMAP tokens for breeding with a female ape (from our upcoming collection) and making Alpha children or for buying any products in the Alpha Merch. We plan to constantly expand our $AMAP token use cases. Our objective is also to empower the AMAC NFT holders with a range of alpha tools which offer comprehensive NFT and crypto analysis in private Discord holders-only channels. By utilizing these tools, AMAC NFT holders will be able to generate a steady stream of income through trading, flipping and investing.

We have partnered with Rethinkable and have created a separate category of Web3 job channels in our Discord server where the AMAC NFT holders will be able to view ongoing vacancies in the Web3 space and to apply for them.

We are in communication with clothes manufacturers in order to make AMAC (Alpha Male Ape Club) a clothes brand. We're also open for offers from manufacturers to create toys, souvenirs or any other products featuring AMAC artwork and/or characters.

We plan to host IRL (in-real-life) events for the AMAC NFT holders in different parts of the world. Such events can be general gatherings, "mix-and-mingles" for single members of our community or some other event formats (pub quizzes, scavenger hunts etc).

We also plan to launch several blockchain gambling dApps both for the AMAC NFT holders and for other people. These dApps will feature games like lotteries, raffles, coinflip (double or nothing) with a referral system through which our holders will be getting a percentage of the revenue generated by these gambling dApps.

Weโ€™re seriously considering an opportunity to implement play-to-earn utilities into our project. When we launch our second project of attractive female ape characters and launch the breeding mechanism, we plan to build the play-to-earn gaming ecosystem which will include characters from all the three NFT collections.

The revenue, generated from blockchain gambling dApps, from the AMAC clothes brand sales and/or from the sales of other products featuring the AMAC artwork or characters, will be directed to the development of the AMAC project and to the growth of our community. Up to 30% of this revenue will be distributed among the holders of AMAC NFTs, depending on the number of NFTs that they hold.

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